Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lish workouts that I mentioned in previous blog posts

My malaise has not disappeared despite my best efforts to make it go away.  This past weekend, I had two birthday parties and ate a lot.  I did end up going for a walk on one of the party nights (very scary, walking around the neighborhood at night).  But then another night, I did nothing.  I ended up 1500 calories over my calorie limit for the week (yikes!!).  A highlight of my past week, though, was jogging at Memorial Park in Houston.  I saw lots of people of all shapes and sizes.  I ran with my friend's wife who is super fit and their giant dog.  The loop around the park was a bit less than 3 miles.  I ended up running a little over 3 miles, which is pretty amazing.  On the last day of C25K, the app instructs me to run 30 minutes, which is what I do.  But, 30 minutes for me is less than 3 miles.

Well, this is a new week and new beginning.  It did not start well.  I was very grumpy yesterday and ended up doing no exercise.  The whole time I was busy not exercising, I was thinking about how exercise improves mood, but I chose to lie on my bed and be upset / read.  Makes no sense.

At the same time, I always have an urge to exercise in the morning, but I don't, because I think that I should work instead.  Well, this morning, I got up super early and started a new exercise program: C210k!  I've run a 10k before, but I think I'm ready to do it again.  I was kindof dragging my feet getting out the door, but once the voice on the app told me to start running, I went.  AND, it was fun!!  AND, there were others around the neighborhood exercising as well.  It always makes me feel happier when I see others around the neighborhood jogging besides me.  Plus, I jogged faster than my normal speed.  Maybe my bucket list goal of a 10 minute mile for 5k is attainable.  So, things that have helped me improve my speed around the neighborhood include my jog around Memorial Park and occasional jogs on the treadmill (which by the way have gotten a lot easier).

Also, during this period of malaise, I've been thinking about low effort exercise routines (entry level routines if you will) that I can do, just to get me started.  Then I remembered how I enjoyed these workouts that Lish posted.  When I went back to the pages in which I posted the workouts, they were no longer there.  I think something weird happened when I copied and pasted the image from Lish's Facebook page to my blog.  Lish quit BodyRock, and I think BodyRock made her delete her profile.  The images that I pasted were somehow linked to her Facebook page I suspect.  Luckily, I wrote the workouts down on a piece of scratch paper and never threw the paper away.

So here is one Lish workout:

1.  50 jumping jacks
2.  10 pushups
3.  20 sit ups
4.  20 bicycles
5.  20 mountain climbers
6.  30 s plank

Do 3x - This would make sense as a wake up workout

Here is another Lish workout:

1.  10 burpees
2.  15 jump squats
3.  10 pushups
4.  20 jump lunges
5.  20 sit ups
6.  20 mountain climbers
7.  10 squats
8.  10 squat jumps
9.  20 knee highs

Do 3x - I believe this was labeled as a before shower workout (I'm not sure.  Memory hazy)

Anyhow, there is a podcast called Get Fit Guy.  He was giving hints on how to burn more fat.  One of them is to do small exercises throughout the day (which makes sense).   I might just randomly bust out one of these circuits when I want to procrastinate during the day.

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