Friday, October 19, 2012

Exercise until my lungs are burning

I've been really into basketball lately. I've heard a lot about Kobe Bryant's work ethic and wanted to learn a bit more.  I did some research and I could have heard wrong, but I saw a youtube video in which he said something along the lines of exercising until my lungs are burning and that I have a strong desire to spit blood. 

Well, that is very extreme, but I must say that I find my hundred pushup challenge to be very rewarding and every time I do it, I do pushups to the point that I can do no more.  From this program, I can see that I have been getting stronger.  Looking over my log, it's amazing.  At one point in time, I can barely eek out 20 pushups (don't forget my pushups are on my knees).  Now, I can do 50!

I was very happy about yesterday's leg exercises because my legs were screaming towards the end.  Both routines included squats galore and then isometric holds which were insane.  During lean machine, I needed to break, but during Fitness Blender, I held the isometric squat hold, although but squat jumps after that were less than enthusiastic.

I'm very proud of the fact that yesterday, on the treadmill, I ran for two eight minute blocks, one of which had a period in which the treadmill was on an incline of 3.  Compared to my jogs around my Houston neighborhood, a 3 incline is pretty extreme.  Even though I was constantly looking at the clock yesterday, I didn't sweat that much.  Maybe because I was jogging right underneath a fan.  Who knows.  I am dreading the 20 minute run on the 'mill, but I think I might be ready.  I want to remember Kobe's advice: exercise until my lungs are burning. Or Cassey's - Train insane or remain the same.  Or that Venn diagram - get out of my comfort zone (because that's where change happens).

Next time, another Lakes on Eldridge run.  I'm looking forward.

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