Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm BACK!!!

I'm back. I'm not going to bore anyone with details about my eating this past week.  Let's just say that I need to improve on my mental game.  The fact that I did poorly on some treadmill jog really threw me for a loop.  I did not respond well to this "failure".  I was very disappointed.  I started having a lot of doubts such as "Will I ever attain a baseline level of fitness that will enable me to run at 10 mph for 5k?" "All my efforts have zero payoff.  What's the point?"  "This totally blows.  I hate exercising."  I have to be honest with myself.  Exercise is no fun.  Sometimes, it's fun when I see myself getting better, i.e. having more endurance, being able to do more pushups, running faster.  But, when I put in all this effort with no results, I get discouraged.  I completed the C25K, but I could not last 20 minutes on the treadmill.  This just didn't make sense to me.  I realize that I jog on flat surface and that treadmill was significantly steeper, but I should be able to last at least 25 minutes.  In business school, I took a class called "Thinking on Your Feet".  The point of the class was to teach us about how the brain works, conjures up memories, behaves / reacts under pressure.  We can use this knowledge to our advantage to develop strategies to remember facts, and work better under pressure.  The instructor spent a whole   class on CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy and taught us about maladaptive thought patterns which prevent people from reaching their goals.  One was "all or nothing" which is what I exhibited above.  Just because I failed to run on a treadmill which had crazy inclines, I came to the conclusion that all my efforts were for naught.  I know this to not b.e true because I can visually see differences in my body.  So, the other day, I ran for 30 minutes around my neighborhood, and I ran faster than ever.  I think the fact that I ran treadmill with inclines helped me to have more power to run faster.

Just looking at my food log on LoseIt for the past week, I know what my problem was.  First, I ate a lot of sweets.  I also had a very indulgent meal last Friday that included fettucini alfredo and some chocolate mousse cake.    Last Thursday, I had a salad at Jason's Deli, but I also ended up eating my 7 or 10 corn muffins (what the heck!?!?).  These muffins were mini.  I had no idea that each one would have almost 100 calories.  On Sunday, there was a meet and greet with some church leaders, and I went.  There were snacks that included homemade chocolate chip cookies. So, really, I need to avoid the flour and sugar combo.  It is so bad!!!!

Even though I gained .2 pounds, I had a lot of fun doing some exercises.  I was really happy when I was able to sustain an 11 mph run for 30 minutes around the neighborhood.
On Saturday, I did some type of exercise that caused butt soreness all day Saturday and today.  I think the culprit is either ZWOW #37 or Fitness Blender HIIT Workout for Fat Loss.  ZWOW had some serious jump lunges and Fitness Blender had lots of jump squat type movements.  On Thursday, I also went roller skating for the first time in years. Tres fun.

So there you have it, highlights from the past week.  I've decided that I need to blog.  I can't let my mood and perceived failures take me off track.  For today:

Calorie Summary

Calorie consumption: 1595 Cal;
Exercise calories burned: 475 Cal
Net calories consumed: 1119 Cal

Exercise Summary
  • C25K week 6 day 1 on the treadmill
  • hundred pushups wk 6 day 3
  • bombshell booty workout on Livestrongwoman Youtube Channel - broke a lot of sweat, but I think this workout was just ok.

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