Friday, October 5, 2012

Malaise and sushi


Calorie Summary

Calorie consumption: 1390 Cal;
Exercise calories burned: 303 Cal
Net calories consumed: 1087 Cal

Exercise Summary
I went out for sushi tonight.  Looking back now, I probably should have stuck to my policy of no sushi with funky mayo based sauce.  I am a fan of simple sushi: a slab of delicately cut fish with a piece of seasoned rice.  I don't want fried crunchy stuff on top or inside or weird funky sauce.  My exception to this rule is spicy tuna and spicy scallop.  I had both yesterday.  My lesson learned is that if a sushi joint is not that good, don't get spicy tuna or spicy scallop.  I went to Sushi Choo Choo and I wasn't expecting much.  I know I may sound like a douche, but the average sushi joint in LA probably serves the same quality of sushi as a high end sushi joint in Houston.  Sushi Choo Choo was horrible.  I had a rainbow roll and the avocado on top of the sushi was turning black.  My point is, I might have under logged and over eaten yesterday because I was feeling quite full.  In the future, a way to prevent over eating is to not order as much, especially if the food is bad / mediocre.

I knew I wanted to exercise after eating out with friends so I hit the gym.  I started at the treadmill but just couldn't continue.  I continued on to the elliptical and proceeded to have the most intense elliptical workout I've ever had.  I was reminded of a picture that Lisa from Bodyrock had posted, which I had forgotten:

These motivational pictures are starting to lose their effect on me.  But, I know these past few days have been difficult for me for reasons I just can't explain.  I just feel such malaise.  I haven't been on fire for job search.  I feel lost during the day. I need to give myself structure and allow myself the grace to follow the structure.  So, today, I will read the 2-Hour Job Search and then I will begin to read some marketing books to help me tell my story better.  I have 3 in mind:  The New Rules of Marketing and PR, Zen of Social Media Marketing, A Lean Marketing Revolution. I would like to have these books read by the end of the weekend.

Back to working out - after gym, I came home to to Blogilates Food Baby HIIT workout.  These starburst squat jumps that the video opened with are freaking crazy!!  I will master them.  I will definitely do this workout again.

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