Tuesday, October 2, 2012

graduation from C25K!!!!

Calorie Summary

Calorie consumption: 1317 Cal;
Exercise calories burned: 356 Cal
Net calories consumed: 961 Cal

Exercise Summary
  • C25K Week 9 Day 1
  • Hundred push ups Week 5 Day 2
Well, I'm happy a graduate from C25K.  I'm unhappy that I had my slowest run in the program today.  The plus of my run is that my run was unconventional and provided me an opportunity to explore my neighborhood.  I ended up jogging on grass (which slowed me down).  I also inadvertently ran through sprinklers, which probably slowed me down because I was drenched (including my feet and shoes).  It's no walk in the park to run in wet shoes.  On my walk home, I went off the neighborhood sidewalks and explored areas in my neighborhood in which no paved paths lead.  I saw some pretty sweet backyards and pools.  After I realized that my pace was a lot slower than normal, I spent a lot of time googling articles, trying to figure out whether I had a bad jog.  See, I wasn't hating my jog.  In fact, there were moments in which I really enjoyed it.  I also did not feel like I was moving slow.  I felt normal, except when I was running through the grass.  I just don't think I had a bad jog, even though I was super slow.  I don't understand.  Oh, I also tried running faster during one part of the run but then became super exhausted.  Pink's Just Like a Pill came on and I just had to run fast during the chorus.  There's just too many factors that were varied:
  • grass
  • sprinklers
  • 1 fartlek
All, some, or none of these could've caused me to slow down from an 11 minute mile to a 12 minute mile.  Maybe I will do an experiment on my next running day to get to the bottom of this issue.  So, I had to once again think about my goals.  Is my goal to run fast?  (well, I want to run at a reasonable speed).  Well, I want weight loss and fitness.  Fitness involves both endurance and strength.  I must admit, my fartlek (and possibly grass) wore me out and towards the end, my muscles were tired.  So, I guess lesson learned is I need to work on strength.  Well, tomorrow, I will be doing squats and lunges galore!

This past weekend,  I discovered KevJumba, thanks to Jeremy Lin.  This guy is from Houston and has such a cute personality (although he probably wouldn't think so).  I like KevJumba because he seems to have a lot of self respect, even though he makes fun of himself.  So, tonight, when I was doing hundred pushups and thinking, "Dude, this is rough," I started thinking about KevJumba's mindset and how he would respond.  I actually don't know how Kev would respond, but I was imagining that he would not quit or be negative and it helped me power through the workout.

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