Thursday, August 30, 2012

Body Rock Hot Touch

This is a review of 8/29:

Calorie Summary
Calories consumed: 1735 Cal
Calories burned while exercising: 218 Cal
Net calories: 1516 Cal

Exercise Summary

I'm quite happy with my day.  I need to be more mindful when I snack on nuts.  I did 3 rounds of this BodyRock.  I need to start counting how many of each exercise I do.  The hardest one is still froggers.  My goal is to be able to do a full minute of froggers.

I only did half of the ski workout as it was getting late.  I learned to not start working out at 10 pm.

Also, I tried to do some normal pushups (i.e. pushups that aren't on my knees).  Despite the fact that I'm going through the 100 pushup program and making progress on the # of knee pushups I can do, standard pushups are still freaking difficult.  I could barely eek out 10!!  

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