Wednesday, August 29, 2012

C25K Week 5 Day 1

Calorie Summary

Let's be honest.  My weekend eating sucked.  I went 1000 calories over my calorie budget on both Saturday and Sunday.  I felt ashamed, gained weight, and felt disgusting.  One of the days, the food wasn't even that great!  It was just interesting food at a pot luck.  The second day, my family and I went to a Chinese restaurant.  2 lobsters for $16!!  How can you beat that deal.  Everything was SO good.  It was 100% my favorite.  What is the lesson learned - It wasn't worth it.  My binge set me back 1 or 2 weeks.  That's a lot!

Exercise Summary

  • On Saturday I vacuumed
  • On Sunday, I C25K Week 4 day 3
  • Sunday, I did hundred pushups week 3 day 3.  check my progress here
  • I think I 45 minutes of elliptical on Monday, 8/27.  That's it.  
  • 8/28: C25 Week 5 Day 1 - dude, it was easy compared to week 4.  Is this normal?
  • 8/28: Began week 4 of hundred pushups.  I am getting there!!  Not sure how much I should be struggling, but I feel like I'm struggling through the last 2 sets.  Also, not sure how I should have my elbows during pushups.  Should they be against my body?  Or should they fold outwards? It feels different in my pecs, depending on which way my elbow goes.

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