Thursday, September 6, 2012

C25K Week 6 Day 2

Calorie Summary

Calorie consumption: 1695 Cal;
Exercise calories burned: 258 Cal
Net calories consumed: 1438 Cal

Exercise Summary
  • C25K Week 6 Day 2
  • Hundred pushups week 4 day 1 - yup, decided to redo week 4 because I was barely eeking out pushups during Fitness Blender's HIIT.  In one minute, I was struggling to do 24 pushups and my pecs were en fuego.  Plus I started week 5 today and realized it was a bit tough
Once again, I was in no mood to exercise today.  I took the C25K a bit easy and jogged at an easy rate.  When I came home, and saw how fast I was ran, I was a bit disappointed.  Then during dinner time, I was wondering why I was disappointed because I really did not want to run today.  I gave what I could.  Then I started to think about what my goals are with exercise. At the end of the day, these goals are what's important, because if I'm exercising just to exercise, then there's no reason to be disappointed.  Well, without further, here are some of my goals:
  • lose weight - 160 to 135 (even 120).  I'm Ellen Page and Christina Aguilara's height.  They're in the 120s (or even less).  I think 120 is a bit aspirational.
  • be able to do outdoor nature activities- my brother is hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain right now.  I'm a bit jealous.  I want to be able to do this one day.  I also just want to be able to just plain hike some of trails in the US, i.e. Appalachian Trail or even some of the more advanced trails in California.  I'd like to be able to backpack the Yosemite.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would like to
  • attain a baseline level of fitness. I'll use certain performance indicators to measure my fitness:  
    • I want to run 10 mph for 5k
    • 10 one-legged squats with ease.  Get down low!!
    • froggers for one minute.  Yes, even the Bodyrock folk struggle with this, but I want to be able to do it
    • Half moon pose in yoga
    • Jeanette Jenkins ab workout in NTC
I didn't just pull these goals out of my ass.  If I want to ski gracefully down a mountain as well do some outdoor nature activities such as hike, I will need both conditioning and balance.  I think being able to meet the above performance indicators will help me be able to participate in social outdoor activities more easily.  So, should I be upset about the fact that I took it easy jogging to today?  I think there's still a lot to be happy about.  Jogging helps me lose weight. As long I'm working to meet at least one of my goals, I'm golden.

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