Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I exercise so that I can eat more

Calorie Summary

Calorie consumption: 1830 Cal;
Exercise calories burned: 337 Cal
Net calories consumed: 1493 Cal

Exercise Summary
Well, I had Bible study again tonight.  I thought I was eating mindfully, but I ended up eating 900 calories.  How did this happen?  I realized it's because dinner consisted of beef, pork ribs, and dessert.   All were delicious but high calorie density.  I have no idea what I'm going to do the next time there's some type of dinner party and four legged animal is served.  Should I claim to be vegetarian whenever I eat in a group setting?  Also, I'm toying with the though of no more dessert.

I did not exercise during the day and realized that if I wanted to end the day somewhere close to my calorie limit, I needed to do at least 30 minutes of cross training.  Per usual, I really did not want to exercise but I did.

I started with the BodyRock.  I'm looking at the exercise video as I type this and I realized that during froggers, I don't stick my butt in the air.  I keep my body in plank position which may decrease the the number of froggers and spidermans I can do.  During divebombers, I have my feet together, which also may affect the number of divebombers I can do.  You can see how many of each exercise that I did by looking at the file linked on the side of this blog. 

ZWOW #3 ended up being a lot harder than I thought.  She has us doing 4 exercises (raised back leg lunges, super mans / pushups, ski jumps, lunge jumps), increasing and decreasing the # of reps in a pyramid scheme (5, 10, 15, 10, 5).  The 15 rep round SUCKED!  I also realized that I was better at jump lunges in 1 leg than the other.  I haven't done that many ZWOW's but I think that they're excellent. I never knew how to make split jump lunges easier, but what Z does in this exercise video is a very good pre-split lunge / post-lunge exercise.  Similarly, lately, I've been wanting to get good at one legged squats.  I recently saw Z do one in one of her videos and my jaw dropped.  I was wondering how low one should / can go when they do such squats, and Z went pretty low.  In fact, she was practically sitting on the ground.  I can pistol squat to the point of sitting in a chair, but not much lower than that.  I would like to get be able to do a single legged squat as low as Ms. Z.  I think the one - legged lunges help with that.

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