Sunday, September 9, 2012

weigh in

Calorie Summary

Calorie consumption: 1632 Cal;
Exercise calories burned: 459 Cal
Net calories consumed: 1142 Cal

Exercise Summary

A workout from Lish of BodyRock TV's Facebook page - pretty fun.

C25K week 6 day 3 - I did it.  I wasn't in the mood to exercise again.  I did OK.  I think that I'm not going all out during my runs because I am afraid I'm going to lose steam towards the end of the jog and I'll feel like dying.  In the beginning, I was actually thinking about quitting, and then I thought about this picture posted on Lisa of Bodyrock's Facebook page:


Helped me to stay in the game.  Well, for the past 2 weeks, despite the fact that I've been eating and exercising under my calorie limit, I haven't been losing weight.  Maybe I need to step up my exercise game.  Lisa was knocking out home runs on her Facebook page today.  This illustration actually got me out the door to jog:

Well, I've been overweight for so long.  I'm not sure if I feel pain or maybe I'm just used to the pain.

Yesterday, I did a super fun workout from Fitness Magazine August 2008.  It was super fun!! It is so much better than any magazine workout that I've done since I've been home.  Definitely going to do it again.

Also, yesterday I did week 4 day 2 of hundred day pushup.  Almost died.  So hard.  I'll get to hundred pushups, one day.

Finally, I'm about to do the following:

I got it from Lish of BodyRock's Facebook page. I guess BodyRock is knocking it out of the park today.

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