Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Unable to run today

 Calorie Summary

Calorie consumption: 1418 Cal;
Exercise calories burned: 247 Cal
Net calories consumed: 1171 Cal

Exercise Summary

 Was not able to run today as I had a few meetings that occupied me.  I don't want to run in the evening because there's West Nile in Texas and mosquitoes come out at night.  I ended up doing

  • week 4 day 3 of hundred pushup plan.  OMG, I'm going to have to do week 4 AGAIN!!  Day 3 just freaking killed me.  For the 3rd round, I could only do 24 pushups instead of 29.
  • NTC-> get toned -> beginner -> body flexor - I chose this, instead of jump start (which I did 3 minutes of yesterday), because I thought it would be easy.  Well, it wasn't.  There weren't any crazy froggers, knee tucks, or drills of that nature (mountain climbers are OK), but still, it was tough.  I thought the lunges and squats would be no sweat.  I was thinking to myself, "squats and lunges are nothing.  Those are the easiest parts of NTC."  WRONG!  My ass was en fuego.  It was begging for mercy during the last 2 minutes of this workout.  But I pushed through.

Also, I'd like to give an update on my goals from last week.  I wanted to have lights out by midnight.  Eyes open by 6:30.  FAIL!! I went to sleep later than ever.  What the heck.

So, my new goals from the week:

  • be organized - have more direction in a day
  • discipline - do what I plan to do (as far as work and productivity is concerned)
  • Ok, I guess I'll try to get on a regular sleep schedule again.  Lights out by midnight
  • This weekend will be a wedding extravaganza in San Diego.  It'll be 2 days of parties.  I'm only going to let myself go during one of the meals (I've chosen night of the wedding).  I'll limit myself to 2 champagnes and  1500 calories for the evening.  This is still a major splurge, but it's a controlled splurge.

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