Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend eating and exercise summary

Weekend eating and exercise summary -


Calorie Summary

Calorie consumption: 1644 Cal;
Exercise calories burned: 374 Cal
Net calories consumed: 1270 Cal

Exercise Summary
  • C25K Wk 8 Day 2
  • Hundred Pushup plan Wk 5 Day 1
Friday was such an awesome day.   Even though I was rejected from a job the day before, I was able to rebound very quickly and focus like crazy on job search.  I also did my running in the morning and  gleefully realized that I wasn't hating it.  In the afternoon, I decided to move forward with Week 5 of the hundred pushup plan and realized the motivating power of support.  I struggled through this day of the program and wondered how I will make it through the other days and how I did so well on the last day of week 4.  Then during my last set of pushups, I started thinking about Lisa telling me to keep on going and to not stop.  Somehow, that just gave me a boost of energy.  Amazing.

Then, the surprising highlight of my week was on Friday, I got to see Jeremy Lin speak at the church in which I was baptized in.  Prior to this event, I was unimpressed with his feats on the basketball court.  I just didn't see anything special about him.  I did not think he should be given special attention just because he's an Asian, or a Christian, or even more extreme - an Asian Christian.  But, hearing him speak, I have become uber impressed.  Clearly, he's a big deal to a lot of people, but he's articulate and unflashy.  I couldn't help but compare him to some of my fellow business school classmates.  So many of my classmates are the shit, know they're the shit, and walk and talk with swagger.  This is how MBA's are supposed to be.  Jeremy Lin just walks and talks.  There is nothing flashy about him (even though he has more reason to have swagger than so many people that I know).  So amazed and impressed.


Calorie Summary

Calorie consumption: 1350 Cal;
Exercise calories burned: 203 Cal
Net calories consumed: 1147 Cal

Exercise Summary
I was pretty depressed on Saturday.  I guess it kicked in that I got rejected from a job that I thought I was perfect for and I felt very disappointed, helpless, and hopeless.  I felt like God had left me and started wondering what rock bottom meant for me.   I was so depressed, I really didn't want to exercise, but I did.  I tried to do Core Crunch the day before and just couldn't muster the energy to get past the first minute.  Today, I was very impressed with my Core Crunch abilities.  I did more consecutive froggers than I have ever done.  The Fitness Blender routine was pretty easy, but had some challenging moments, namely back flies.  I tried to move on to Blogilates after Fitness Blender and quickly realized that I needed a break.  This Pop Pilates routine starts with 5 minutes of planking.  It was pretty intense.  My arms needed a break and I was happy to oblige.  After a 30 minute break, Pop Pilates was quite enjoyable.


Calorie Summary

Calorie consumption: 1724 Cal;
Exercise calories burned: 367 Cal
Net calories consumed: 1357 Cal

Exercise Summary
  • C25K Wk 8 Day3
C25K today did not suck.  30 minutes of jogging an 11 minute mile.  I'm impressed with myself.  C25K Wk 9 Day 1 is graduation.  This will be another 30 minute run.  I'm going to keep on adding time in the same way as C25K until I can run for 34 minutes which will be 5k.  Once I hit 34 minutes, I will continue to run for 34 minutes 3x / week for 2 weeks.  Then I will start working on speed work.  The goal is the 10 minute mile!  

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